söndag 31 januari 2010

A song, and a fox

I've had a song on my mind for days now. It has followed me around wherever I've been, and listening to it has been the first thing I've done in the morning and the very last thing I've done before falling asleep. It's not that it's such a great song or anything. It's not very catchy, not overly interesting nor does it have any kind of outstanding lyrics. It's just a song. But it has stuck to my mind, and it makes me remember stuff I haven't been thinking about for years.

In that way, it is indeed a special song, like a door to places long forgotten. It has made me think of things that has been, things that are and things that will be. I haven't really given myself the time to think that much lately, so it was about time something made me stop. I guess that it was time to sort out a thing or two, and now I feel more at ease. This song in combination with a weekend in the stillness of my parents home, has made me feel more prepared and focused than ever. Music is indeed a strange kind of magic.

Speaking of focus; the work with the design of the fox wife is coming along nicely. We got quite a bit of line work done just the other day, and will most likely have the main design down in just a sitting (or two) more. Viktor is holding out well, and for this being his first tattoo, shows great patience with the long process. It is going to be worth all the waiting, I'm certain.

2 kommentarer:

  1. They sure are. They seem to be so closely intertwined with both good deeds and bad ones, and their connections to both witchcraft and divinity make them no less fascinating or puzzling. I can only be thankful to be given the opportunity to really get to work with the motif.